ACC Announcement

Asphalt Driveway Vendor Alert
Christy Lueders, President of the Shonto Point HOA posted a note in NextDoor recently to alert the community that a company is marketing asphalt driveway paving in Kayenta.   Apparently, their “hard-sell” convinced some residents to purchase their tar/asphalt and gravel service, without obtaining ACC approval.  Pursuant to CC&R Section 8.3, all modifications of the property exterior require ACC approval.  In these cases, the unapproved driveway modifications left asphalt and tar residue which, in addition to the lack of ACC review of the driveway, exposed the property owner to the responsibility for the asphalt and tar remediation of the roadway.   The bottom line is that submitting an application to the ACC prior to making modifications to the exterior of your property can help you avoid a mess, potential remediation and financial liability.