Forms: How They Work

A Guide To Using Forms


  • Press the "Tab" key to move forward from field to field.
  • Press "Shift-Tab" to move backward from field to field.
  • When the document first opens, press the "Tab" key once to move to the first field.

Entering Information

  • Once the cursor is in a field, start typing. Most fields will make the font smaller so that all of your text will be entered into the allowable field space.
  • Fields that have a drop-down menu, use the down and up arrow keys or your mouse to make the selection.
  • Button options are selected by clicking the selection. Sometimes multiple selections can be made.

Submit Button

  • Clicking the submit button will automatically create an email in your email program addressed to the proper entity with the completed form attached.
  • Click the send button in your email program to send the completed form.
  • If you do not see an email after you click the submit button, open your email program, wait for it to fully open, and click the submit button again.