Shonto Contractor Information


Shonto Point HOA for General Contractors December 2020


The HOA represents all owners and attempts to keep construction activity from bothering residents as much as possible. 

The following is a list of things that have come up as problems which General Contractors could improve.  All of the problems below have happened in the last year.
  • Litter.  Please make sure dumpsters are closed at the end of each day.  The wind comes up at unexpected times in Kayenta and can blow trash around the streets and on to adjoining lots.  Owners complain often about this.  Please, no litter!  Clean it up!
  • Lights.  Please make sure all interior and exterior lights are off at the end of each day.
  • Driveways.  Please make sure there is a solid amount of road base on the driveway from the start of construction until completion.  If not, there is mud and mess carried onto the street.
  • Subcontractors.  We expect the General Contractor to manage the subcontractors closely.  It is your job to communicate Kayenta’s values and rules to them.  They need more supervision than they have been getting.  Generals should visit every site every day.
  • Parking.  Subs should park on one side of the street only.  No after hours parking.
  • Messy job site.  Please keep a clean job site.  This is an established neighborhood and it takes more consideration than if you were just building a whole new subdivision.
  • Natural area.  Do not disturb the natural area.  Do not let subs disturb the natural area.  We want our desert left untouched as much as possible.  Do not let them walk through or drive through the desert.
  • Portapotties.  They need to be tan or brown and they should be anchored so they don’t blow over in the wind.  This happens a lot – toilet paper blown all over the desert.  If one does blow over, please get it fixed and cleaned up RIGHT AWAY.
  • Quiet.  Please make sure all subs observe the quiet hours.  Keep radio volume reasonable during work hours.
  • Rooftop Equipment.  All dishes, vents, and any roof top equipment must be painted matte brown as soon as they are installed – not weeks later.  Better yet, paint equipment before it is mounted on roof.  No glaring bright metal stuff on roofs!  We get complaints.
  • Exterior lighting.  Make sure all exterior lights can be turned off by or before 11pm.  This means no solar lights unless they have a switch.  We are a dark sky community.  We want to minimize outdoor lighting.  Follow the rules about the brightness allowed.  Check up on what the subs have done – make sure they abide by the rules.
  • Interior Lighting.  Lights should not be seen directly from windows.  Window shades are mandatory if they are needed to shield interior lights from being seen from outside.
  • ACC.  Keep the ACC chair informed about any changes or delays.
  • ACC Rules.   Read the rules and abide by them.  Ask if you have any questions.
  • Fencing.  Install adequate fencing (see rules) to keep subcontractors and others from walking into the natural areas.
  • Debris.  Do not allow subs to dump debris anywhere in Kayenta.