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Landscaping Sub-Committee

Debi Clarkson, Chair   Email:

We are a non-voting, sub-committee of the ACC whose responsibility is to assist with Landscaping Plan submittals. As such, we are to confirm that our neighbors, or their landscapers, make choices which meet the ACC approved plant list in the Transition, Natural and Courtyard areas.

We consider plant requests not found on the approved list and make recommendations to the ACC on those as well. We review the plan not only for Approved List compliance but for visual softening of the architecture. We may require additional plantings to accomplish this goal. We present our recommendation in writing to the ACC. 

As a group of volunteers, the Planting & Landscaping Committee welcomes those interested in serving to contact us!
From Shonto Pointers Newsletter 2021 Winter
Landscape Documents

Most people, who are drawn to Kayenta, realize the importance of Architectural Regulations that help ensure that the architecture will be in harmony with the feel of Kayenta. Homes are nestled into the site. Low forms and natural desert colors ensure that the homes do not compete with the natural environment, but merge with it.

To preserve that natural environment, it is important to also have a unified landscape approach. To promote bird habitat, provide shelter and shade, create privacy and soften the outline of structures, it is required that trees and shrubs be included in every project. Trees shall be planted in a meandering fashion and not as a hedgerow.

Homes at Kayenta are designed so that the individual landscape themes can be expressed in private courtyard areas without impacting the desert theme of our community. Utmost care must be given in the preservation of the natural desert in areas that can be viewed from the streets and neighboring lots.

Landscaping with non-uniform boundaries facilitates a natural flow from formalized landscaping to the natural desert. Our aim is to preserve as much of the indigenous vegetation as possible to maintain the open desert feeling of our site.