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 Welcome to Taviawk and the Kayenta community where living in harmony with the desert forms the guiding principles of the Kayenta Architectural and Landscape concepts.
Key Elements of the Kayenta Concept:
  • Maintaining the Natural Landscape:  Buildings that blend with natural environment. Hewing into the site to provide a low profile and maintaining open spaces with little disturbance to the natural desert landscape.
  • Massing:  Height, size, composition, shade & shadow considerations to protect the views and open space.
  • Colors:  Building materials that blend and are in harmony with the environment.
  • Low Lighting:  Low lighting that reflects downward, outside lights off by 11 pm, all to enhance night sky viewing.
The Kayenta look has not happened by chance.  Our community is governed by the Taviawk Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and supplemental declarations recorded for each property in the community at the time the property was sold.  These CC&Rs are used to manage development of the common areas and to ensure that properties are developed and maintained to align with the Kayenta concept.  Our CC&Rs established an Architectural Control Committee, which developed additional Architectural and Landscaping Rules and Regulations to implement the CC&Rs.  The ACC monitors the development and works with your HOA to maintain Taviawk’s unique character.
Each homeowner agrees to abide by the CC&Rs before taking title to a property (Governing Documents). Our governing documents ensure that Kayenta is a desirable place to live and help to maintain a high real estate value.  Combined with low HOA dues, great views, and wonderful neighbors, Kayenta is a perfect place to live for those who ascribe to the Kayenta Concept.
Critical “Use Restrictions” that provoke the most complaints by members (For a complete list of “Use Restrictions”, see pdf of Exhibits F and G here): 
  • Parking of Vehicles:  To preserve the natural vistas and to stay in harmony with the environment, owners are required to park vehicles in the garage at all times except as reasonably necessary for loading, unloading or washing. In addition, visitor parking is permitted in the Guest Parking area of the property, but not to exceed a total of 45 days during any 12 month period. RV’s and campers may be parked a maximum of 72 hours in any 30-day period, not to exceed 5 calendar days. 
  • Lighting: The Kayenta community wishes to preserve the night sky. Exterior lighting needs to point downward and be turned off by 11pm. Wall sconce fixtures must be less than 200 lumens.  No direct source of light may be visible from outside the house.  Light from a chandelier or big screen TV is to be shielded from outside view.
  • Trash:  Construction trash containers must be housed on the subject property.  Residential trash and rubbish must be kept in sanitary containers in enclosed structures concealed and screened from view.  Residential containers may be set out for collection and removal from the street within a 24 hour time frame of trash pickup .
  • Outside transmittal equipment:  The outside installation of any satellite dish, antenna or other such device is not allowed without prior written approval of the ACC.  The ACC has outlined how these devices are mounted and painted.  Any new installation, or changes to existing installations must have prior approval from the ACC. (An exception is made when a satellite dish is replaced with another dish of the same dimensions and is placed in the previously approved location.) All satellite dishes must be painted the same color as the adjacent surface.
  • Prohibited items:  outdoor structures (e.g., sheds), signs, flags (except for the American Flag), hung laundry, decorations, play apparatus and equipment.
  • Rentals:  Short term rentals per the CC&Rs and the Ivins City zoning are not allowed.
  • Animals:   Limit is 2 animals per household.  Dogs must be on leash and owners must pick up after them. This is an Ivins City ordinance.
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