Shonto Point Information

From Shonto Pointers Newsletter 2021 Winter

The Shonto Point HOA represents a community commitment — a commitment by the people who live here to preserve the Kayenta Concept and to keep our common areas in good repair. (Click here for "How the Kayenta Concept Defines the Unique Qualities of Our Community")

The Shonto Point HOA Board of Directors and its committees consist of volunteers, who dedicate their time and energy to managing these tasks.

Originally incorporated in 1989, the HOA was created to “provide an entity for the operation, maintenance, preservation and architectural control of residential living units, common areas and lots” and to “promote the healthy, safety and welfare of the residents.”

In 2009, it merged with the Kwavasa and Posovi (KP) HOA, adding 68 homes. Today, the Shonto Point HOA represents the owners of 348 lots.

The Shonto Point HOA Board meets monthly, except during the summer months. All meetings are open to Shonto Point residents, and the annual meeting is held in February.

Minutes and financial reports are available for HOA members once they login to this site.

Communication and management tasks are administered by Terra West Management Services (Terra West), which also manages the HOA members web portal,

Homeowners can log into the Terra West portal in order to:
  • Pay Association Fees & View Account Status
  • Access Various Documents
  • Ask Questions of the HOA Board or the Management Company

Prospective owners, realtors or financial institutions, who need the HOA CC&Rs or other documents, may contact Bailey Tait at Terra West via email to or by phone to  435.674.4633.