Kayenta ACC

The Kayenta Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is a dedicated group of volunteers that oversee the aesthetics of the new homes being built in our community.

The ACC meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. in the Theatre for the Arts, located in the Kayenta Art Village. A hard copy of the agenda is posted in the Kayenta Homes & Properties office the Thursday prior to the meeting, as well as posted on this website (click here for agenda).

Kayenta ACC & Construction The ACC insures the contractors follow the ACC rules and regulations of construction.

When the ACC receives a set of new home plans, they are gone over with a fine tooth comb. There is a checklist to make sure all the details needed to grant approval is included.

Once the final approval is completed and the plans are signed, construction may begin.

During construction the ACC assigns an Observation Team, made up of one member of the appropriate HOA and one member of the ACC. The ACC member makes sure the contractor adheres to the ACC rules and regulations of construction, and the HOA member makes sure the contractor adheres to the CC&R's (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) of that subdivision.

The Observation Team does a minimum of 4 on site visits during construction:
  • Completion of Excavation – Rough Grade.
  • Framing
  • Gray Coat or Stucco Application
  • Final Inspection after the Certificate of Occupancy is Obtained
In addition, there may be ad hoc meetings. The owners may wish to make a change mid-stream, or the contractor comes up against issues that need to be addressed. An example is additional walls or drainage. This requires the ACC members to meet on-site with the contractor to discuss and observe what is needed to remedy the issue. Three ACC members ae required for a change to be made.
However, ACC is NOT just about new homes. Any changes done to the exterior of the home, including exterior construction, alteration, removal, relocation, repainting, re-roofing, additions, modification, external decoration or redecoration, landscaping or re-landscaping MUST BE APPROVED BY THE ACC BEFORE ANY CHANGES CAN BE MADE OR STARTED.
The forms for changes to an existing home can be found on the ACC website. They must be filled out in their entirety and either placed in the ACC bin in the Gulch Design Group(old sales office) at 800 Kayenta Parkway or emailed.
The HOA’s are responsible for enforcing the CC&R’s on both new and existing homes.

On new homes this means they are responsible for all work violations. These include but are not limited to: 
  • Violation of Before and After Hours Construction
  • Violation of Construction Work on Sundays or Holidays Listed in CC&R’s
  • Non-Compliance of Required Construction Signs
  • Parking in "No Parking Zones"
  • Non-Compliance of Loud Music Restrictions
Please refer to your Construction Plans for these restrictions. The HOA’s are also responsible for levying fines for repeat offenders, if they deem it necessary.

For existing homes, complaints, about a neighbor doing any of above violations, should be directed to their governing HOA.
As an example, if your neighbor paints their house purple it is a non-compliance issue with the HOA and not the ACC. The HOA needs to inform the person that they are in non-compliance with the CC&R’s and follow the procedures therein.

If the neighbor realizes the error of their ways and says they will repaint their purple house back to one of the approved colors he/she needs to fill out an ACC form for repainting and submit it for approval. In this way the HOA and ACC work together.

Neither the ACC, nor the HOA, is responsible for insuring that the contractors or their subs are adhering to work safety regulations and city, state or federal regulations in construction practices.