How Forms Work

A Guide To Using Forms

First Download & Save the Form
  • Download and save the form to your devise.
    It's simple and will save time in the long run!!! Trust us!!!
  • Not all browsers permit submit buttons to display.
    If you open the PDF in your browser and proceed to fill out the form, the submit button may not be visible at the bottom of the document. However, if you download the document first, the submit button will be visible.
Navigating the Form Fields

  • When the document first opens, press the "Tab" key once to move to the first field.
  • Press the "Tab" key to move forward from field to field.
  • Press "Shift-Tab" to move backward from field to field.
Entering Information
  • Once the cursor is in a field, start typing.
  • Most fields will make the font smaller so that all of your text will be entered into the allowable field space.
  • For fields that have a drop-down menu, use the down and up arrow keys or your mouse to make the selection.
  • For button options, click the selection. In some instances, multiple selections can be made.
Submitting the Forms with the Submit Button or Manually via Email

The submit buttons embedded in the forms only work if you use an email client (such as Microsoft Outlook) that supports their use.

If you use web-based email (such as Gmail), you must permit the form to use your email account. Prompts will display on your device.

Otherwise, the forms will need to be submitted manually by emailing them to the appropriate committee.

Instructions for Using the Submit Button on the Forms
  • Clicking the submit button will automatically create an email in your email program addressed to the proper entity with the completed form attached.
  • Click the send button in your email program to send the completed form.
  • If you do not see an email after you click the submit button, open your email program, wait for it to fully open, and click the submit button again.