Kayenta Bills, Mailboxes & Utilities

Kayenta Accounting Office

The Accounting Office at 932B Art Village Way handles most of the fees that stem from Kayenta activities.  This includes recreation fees, water bills, and Shonto Point HOA fees.  The Accounting Office is located on the backside of the Kayenta Art Village in the buildings located furthest on the uphill side of the far back parking lot. The phone number of the Accounting Office is (435) 628-7732 and the e-mail address is accounting@kayenta.net.

Kayenta Water User Bills

Janet Boster handles the water accounting for those who use Kayenta Water (some in Kayenta use Ivins City Water that is handled by the City of Ivins). Janet works on Tuesdays and can be reached at (435) 628-7732.

HOA Fees

Kayenta Homesites: F1 Property Management, 491 E Riverside Dr #3B, St. George, UT 84790, (435) 652-0565

Kayenta Patio Lake Homes (KPLH): Kayenta Accounting Office

Shonto Point: Community Association Management of Utah (CAM), which also manages the HOA members web portal, https://portal.hoaliving.com/home_v2/Login

Taviawk: F1 Property Management, 491 E Riverside Dr #3B, St. George, UT 84790, (435) 652-0565

Recreation Fees

The accounting office also handles the Kayenta Recreation fees.

Change of Address

The Accounting Office can help you with any change of address issues that you might have. Simply call them at (435) 628-7732.


The Santa Clara Post Office handles mailbox assignments and keys to the mailboxes. The Santa Clara Post Office is located at 1400 Chapel Street, Santa Clara, UT 84765-8001, 435 628-2112.


Electric - Rocky Mountain Power, 455 Old Hwy 91, Hurricane, UT 84737, (888) 221-7070

Gas - Dominion Energy, 1155 E 350 N, St. George, UT 84770, (800) 323-5517

Garbage - Washington County Solid Waste, 325 N Landfill Rd, Washington, UT 84780, (435) 673-2813

Water - Depends On Location

Kayenta Water Users, Accounting Office, 932B Art Village Way, Ivins, UT 84738, (435) 628-7732

Ivins City Water, Ivins City Hall, 55 N Main, Ivins, UT 74738, (435) 628-0606